Logical Frameworks and Meta Languages.
Theory and Practice.
Type theories, logical frameworks and meta-languages form a common foundation for designing, implementing, and reasoning about formal languages and their semantics. They are central to the design of modern programming languages, certified software, and domain specific logics. More generally, they continue to influence applications in many areas in mathematics, logic and computer science. This workshop will bring together designers, implementers, and practitioners working on these areas.
Steering Committee


The Steering Committee (SC) is limited to seven (7) members. Each member can serve for at most five (5) years.

In normal circumstances, each year the oldest member leaves the SC, and is replaced by a new member as indicated below.

Incoming SC members are chosen by SC decision among:

the Program Chairs (PCs) of the last 3 LFMTP workshops
In special circumstances (namely bootstrapping: not enough eligible persons per above rules) the current SC is allowed to select members outside the above categories.

Decision making.

A decision is deemed approved by the SC by majority rule; votes that end in ties are not approved.

The SC votes one of its members SC chair, with a 2 year mandate.

The SC chair is the official representative of the SC within LFMTP and the official interface between the SC and the outside world. The chair is expected to lead the discussion within the SC and coordinate the activities of the SC.

Duties (based on the ACM guidelines).

The SC is responsible for

suggesting changes to the bylaws
appointing the LFMTP PC (and other persons involved in the organization of one edition of LFMTP), and specifying their duties
making decisions on matters that have a lasting consequences on LFMTP workshop, such as: the scope, topics of interests, publication venues
making decisions on information sharing infrastructures to promote interaction and dissemination of ideas in the LFMTP community, such as mailing list s, repositories, web sites.

Business Meetings.

Each LFMTP workshop is preceeded by Business Meeting (BM), which is initiated by the SC chair (or a deputy from the SC) and conducted by email. The BM typically disccuses the following items:

  • a report on the current LFMTP workshop
  • a discussion of next year's LFMTP workshop


LFMTP workshops continue the workshop series on logical frameworks and meta-languages, which started in 1999.

In 2006, the International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-languages (LFM) merged with the workshop on MEchanized Reasoning about Languages with variable BInding (MERLIN).

A first version of LFMTP was held at FLOC'06.

LFM: International Workshop on Logical framework and Meta-languages (1999 - 2004)

  • LFM'99 was held in Paris, France, affiliated with PPDP and PLI, and organized by Amy Felty(now University of Ottawa).
  • LFM'00 was held in Santa Barbara, USA, affiliated with LICS (IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science), and organized by Joelle Despeyroux (INRIA).
  • LFM'02 was held in Copenhagen, Denmark, affiliated with LICS (IEEE Symposium on Logic in Computer Science) and FLOC'02 and was organized by Frank Pfenning (Carnegie Mellon University).
  • LFM'04 was held in Cork, Ireland, affiliated with IJCAR (International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning) and organized by Carsten Schürmann (Yale University)

MERLIN: International Workshop on MEchanized Reasoning about Languages with variable BInding (2001 - 2005)

  • MERLIN 2001 was held in Siena, Italy, June 18, 2001, in connection with IJCAR 2001 (International Joint Conference on Automated Reasoning). It was organized by Roy L. Crole, Simon J. Ambler, and Alberto Momigliano (then at University of Leicester, UK).
  • MERLIN 2003 was held in Uppsala University, Sweden, August 26, 2003, and was associated with the federation meeting Principles, Logics and Implementations of high-level programming languages (PLI 2003), 25 to 29 August 2003. It was organized by Alberto Momigliano (then at University of Leicester, UK) and Marino Miculan (University of Udine, Italy).
  • MERLIN 2005 was held in Tallinn, Estonia, 30 September 2005, in connection with ICFP (International Conference on Functional Programming). It was organized by Alberto Momigliano (University of Edinburgh), Ivan Scagnetto (Universiy of Udine), and Alwen Tiu (INRIA Lorraine).

LFMTP:International Workshop on Logical Frameworks and Meta-Languages:Theory and Practice (2006 - present)

Since 2006, LFMTP has grown into the main venue for presenting result on type theories and logical frameworks.

  • LFMTP'06 took place as part of FLOC'06 in Seattle, USA. It was organized by Brigitte Pientka (McGill University) and Alberto Momigliano (University of Edinburgh).
  • LFMTP'07 took place as part of CADE-21 in Bremen, Germany. It was organized by Carsten Schürmann (IT University of Copenhagen) and Brigitte Pientka (McGill University).
  • LFMTP'08 took place as part of LICS-23 in Pittsburgh, USA. It was organized by Andreas Abel (LMU) and Christian Urban (TUM).
  • LFMTP'09 took place as part of CADE-22 in Montreal, Canada. It was organized by Amy Felty (University of Ottawa) and James Cheney (University of Edinburgh).
  • LFMTP'10 will take place as part of FLOC'10 in Edinburgh, Scotland. It is organized by Karl Crary (Carnegie Mellon University) and Marino Miculan (University of Udine).
  • LFMTP'11 will collocate with  ITP 2011 in  Nijmegen, The Netherlands. It is organized by Herman Geuvers (Radboud University Nijmegen) and Gopalan Nadathur (University of Minnesota).
  • LFMTP'12 will collocate with ICFP 2012 in Copenhagen, Denmark.  It is organized by Adam Chlipala (MIT) and Carsten Schürmann (IT University of Copenhagen).